Tuthmosis III

Tuthmosis III

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  • Tuthmosis III — King 1504 1450 BC.     Tuthmosis III, the son of *Tuthmosis II by a concubine named Isis, came to the throne as a minor under the regency of his father s Great Royal Wife, Queen *Hatshepsut. With her impeccable royal lineage and the support of… …   Ancient Egypt

  • Tuthmosis II — King c.1512 1504 BC.     The son of *Tuthmosis I by a secondary queen, Mutnefer, Tuthmosis II married *Hatshepsut, who was the Great Royal Daughter of *Tuthmosis I by his chief wife, Ahmose. This marriage apparently produced no male heir, for… …   Ancient Egypt

  • Tuthmosis I — King 1525 1512 BC     A middle aged soldier when he came to the throne, Tuthmosis I may have been co regent with his predecessor, *Amenophis I. His mother, Senisonb, had no royal blood, and his claim to rule came probably through his wife,… …   Ancient Egypt

  • Tuthmosis IV — King 1425 1417 BC.     The son of *Amenophis II and Queen Tio, Tuthmosis IV was not the heir apparent and probably succeeded because of the death of an elder brother. In the Dream Stela, which dates to Year 1 of his reign, Tuthmosis IV tells the… …   Ancient Egypt

  • Thutmose III — Tuthmosis III, Manahpi(r)ya in the Amarna letters Thutmosis III statue in Luxor Museum Pharaoh of Egyp …   Wikipedia

  • Thutmosis III — Namen von Thutmosis III. Statue von Thutmosis III. Eigenname …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Osorkon III — Pharaoh of Egypt Reign 28 years, 23rd Dynasty Predecessor Shoshenq VI Successor Takelot III …   Wikipedia

  • Thutmosis III. — Namen von Thutmosis III. Statue von Thutmosis III …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Mentuhotep III — Osiride statue of the 11th dynasty pharaoh Mentuhotep III, on display at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston …   Wikipedia

  • Darius III — Shah (King) of Persia Detail of Darius III from Alexander Mosaic Reign 336–330 BC …   Wikipedia

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